New in CloudTables: Nested data

Author: Allan Jardine 6th October 2021

We've rolled out the latest release of CloudTables today, and I'm really excited about the latest features:

  • Display of nested link data
  • Improved Excel import

Data in CloudTables is naturally well structured and hierarchal through its easy to use link ability - i.e. a row in a data set can refer to one or more rows in any other data set (or even itself). Since our day one launch it has been possible to display data from a linked data set in a table. Today we are introducing the ability to display data from a data set that the second data set links to. Indeed, it is not just possible to display data two levels deep now, but up to five links deep.

As an example, consider flight information which displays information from four different tables:

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New in CloudTables: Bar display and easier nesting of data

Author: Allan Jardine 3th August 2021

With our latest release of CloudTables, we've introduced a number of new features that I would like to introduce to you:

  • Bar display of numbers
  • Google Sites embed
  • Improved linked data visualization

Example of bar display

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Introducing the CloudTables blog

We are introducing a blog to CloudTables, to be able to communicate updates, new features and also discuss some of the technical details about CloudTables and how we implement various features.

While we've come along with with CloudTables already (recently having introduced self-hosting abilities, multi-tenant and multi-users), CloudTables is still a young product. We are keen for your feedback about the services we provide and to hear how you use them, or plan to use them. Please get in touch if you have any feedback for us.