Our mission statement

Rapidly deliver enjoyable
database applications

Why CloudTables? Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations are the cornerstone of nearly all programming - gathering, storing and processing information in a database. It can also take a significant portion of a developer's time resolving problems that have already been solved, just tweaking for specific situations. This can be demotivating for developers, draining their time that could be better spent adding more advanced features such as full auditing. Everything we do with CloudTables is aimed at addressing this simple point.

The gathering and storing of information is the portion we address with CloudTables. We don't aim to progress the information gathered, since we can't know the business logic required for the data. To that end, CloudTables is not a complete application builder nor is it designed to be - it is a component that can be used to rapidly create featureful applications that are entirely custom to your needs, and seamlessly integrated into your pages.

Who we are

We are a small, focused and passionate team based in the UK, on a mission to empower developers to make better software, faster, for their clients. Over the past ten years, we've been in the trenches developing web based applications such as DataTables and Editor, and know how important it is to get your user interface, data structure, feature set, accessibility and more right. But we also know how much time and effort it can take just to get these fundamentals right. We developed CloudTables to address this.

Allan Jardine

Founder of SpryMedia Ltd, Allan has been creating web-developer tools to scratch his own itches since 2002, during his Ph.D., including his Design bookmarklet, Visual Event and of course DataTables. When not programming, you'll find Allan walking in the Scottish Highlands (although good luck finding him there), running a community cinema or wood turning. Allan is one part entrepreneur, two parts engineer and three parts geek.

Colin Marks

Colin brings a wealth of QA and team building experience to SpryMedia. Having joined in 2017, Colin has built a formidable test suite for almost every aspect of SpryMedia's operations, automating every stage to ensure the developers can do their jobs properly! Colin also takes the lead on much of our customer support. Not your typical techie, Colin is as comfortable in a bar with friends as he is behind the keyboard.

Sandy Galloway

Sandy joined SpryMedia Ltd in May 2019, working full time throughout summer and part time through his time at University. He is currently studying towards a Masters degree in Computer and Electronic Systems at the University of Strathclyde. If he isn't working or studying, he'll either be underneath a car fixing it or driving it before it breaks again!