CloudTables is free during beta

We are still working on features for CloudTables before its full launch. What's available today is a beta (i.e. early release). Beta releases are useful to determine how the product is being used, and it also allows us to include features that you and other users would like to see. We will be setting pricing for CloudTables in the future, and as an early adopter who's helping us to develop the product, to show our gratitude we'll be offering you a discounted price.

Initially CloudTables will be offered as a hosted service, where your configuration and your data will be securely hosted on our servers. CloudTables is built around the concept that your data is yours and yours alone - we will not share it with anyone, ever. At a later date, we will also offer an on-premise solution for those companies who wish to keep that data within their network. Please get in touch if this is of interest, detailing your requirements so we can start to tailor our offerings.