Design and build complex table applications in moments.

CloudTables helps you create complete database applications and embed them anywhere.

Need a database-heavy application custom made for your business, but don't want to tie up your developers with the basics?

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All the tools you need to create complex data tables in just a few clicks

CloudTables provides a comprehensive set of data types, with customization options and validation rules for each. Data formatters for input and output let your users enter and view data in a way that is quick and easy for them.

Easily embed CloudTables in your web-site or app

Seamless integration with your pages is straightforward with CloudTables through its extensive support for the most popular styling frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI. It is actually part of your page, rather than just an embedded object.

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The features you need,

Live updating

CloudTables is a multi-user system, built for concurrency. As one user updates data, that change is reflected immediately for everyone else viewing that same data set.

Full auditing

You need to know who has made what changes to your organization's data, and CloudTables has full auditing built in for both the raw data and the structure of that data.


Securely embed CloudTables through the provided APIs and libraries, ensuring that your data remains yours alone! Users can be assigned access rights at a granular level.

Design frameworks

CloudTables will automatically detect the most popular styling frameworks if they are used on your page, and adjust its output to match. Or it can use its own styling.


Easy integration with WordPress through our CloudTables plug-in, letting tables be embedded using the editor built into WordPress.


Your data is yours and we provide an API to be able access the data in your CloudTables. We provide libraries for Java, .NET, NodeJS, PHP and of course cURL can be used if you need.