In a world of big data and targeted advertising, we are all increasingly aware of the privacy implications that sharing data can have. We've built CloudTables with this in mind, not just as a token gesture, but from the ground up because we firmly believe that your data is yours and yours alone.

You might have noticed that we don't have a "Please accept cookies" popup on This is because we do not collect analytics data for anything other than building our business and no data is shared with third-parties. Our business strategy does not depend upon data mining, referrals or advertising. Call us traditionalists, but our business model is to put a price tag on our software, with a free tier to try it out and to give back to smaller groups and businesses!


With a privacy first approach, unlike other SaaS companies, we are delighted to offer a self-hosted version of our software. This means that your data never needs to leave your network and you can air-gap your installation if required to do. Our software does not run analytics on your host, or within CloudTables itself. You can even run CloudTables connected to your own PostgreSQL database, so you can make use of your default data security and backup processes.

With that in mind, the self-hosted CloudTables can make a small number of external network requests, each of which can be disabled, and is discussed in detail below:

  • Update checking
  • Auto license updating

Update checking

The self-hosted install will check for updates by making a simple API call to This is to ensure that your CloudTables install is kept up-to-date as we implement a rolling release schedule. This connection is not mandatory and no errors will be reported if it fails (e.g. if it were blocked by a firewall). Checking for updates can be disabled in on the Settings / Application page.

Auto license updating

When a license is installed on your CloudTable Docker image, it can automatically check our licensing server to ensure the license stays up to date. If you would rather not have this check performed automatically, it can be disabled and the license manually copy and pasted.

Privacy policy

Our full privacy policy is available here.