What is CloudTables?

CloudTables makes it easy to define, create, edit and maintain databases of information that can be seamlessly and securely embedded into your web applications or sites, showing a rich user interface to your end users (clients).

A lot of software development revolves around lists of data which can be viewed and edited by clients - this is often termed CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete). A lot of developer time can be sunk into providing this basic part of an application, particularly when features such as auditing, live data updates and a rich interface for the client. This is where CloudTables comes in - it makes defining (and changing!) databases and client facing interfaces trivial, so you can focus on building your application and business.

The end result from CloudTables is a table of data (plus form) that you can embed directly into your web application or site, matching the styling of the rest of your page, so the end user will see only a single seamless interface.

When would I use it?

Wherever you have tables of data CloudTables can be used. Define the structure of your data and embed into your web-site. CloudTables will take care of all the data processing and storage for you regardless of the development and server environment your application uses. You can also customize the interface the end user will see, adding controls such as advanced searching or changing the layout for the table controls. CloudTables also ensures your data is fully accessible, using correct markup and progressive enhancement techniques.

Strong foundations

CloudTables is built upon our open source DataTables Javascript library and our battle hardened Editor for DataTables. CloudTables is effectively a configuration UI for those libraries, rolled together with pre-built features such as auditing, live updating of data and automatic database storage.