CloudTables will automatically handle internationalization of embedded tables for you, translating the text used by the table, its components (such as the search builder) and the form into the client's native language. Additionally, numbers and dates will also be automatically formatted to match the styling that your clients would expect to see - this is done transparently using the same source data for each localization. For example, in the US a client would see the number one thousand, two hundred and thirty four point five six as 1,234.56, while someone viewing the same data in France would see 1.234,56.

Supported languages

We currently support the following languages:

Language Localization Code
English United States en or en-US
English United Kingdom en-GB
French France fr or fr-FR
German Germany de or de-DE
Spanish Spain es or es-ES

If you are interested in other client languages being added, please get in touch.

Language determination

We use the following rules to determine which language to show the client interface in (descending priority order):

1 - A lang query parameter. This provides the ability for you to override our automatic detection of language so you can match your own language detection or selection if you have such a system in place. The query parameter should be appended to the embed script - e.g.:


Please note that the value for the lang parameter should be one of the Code values shown in the table above.

2 - The browser's Accept-Language headers. When the browser requests a web-page it will send an Accept-Language HTTP header specifying the user's preferences for languages. We will attempt to match the preferred language to the translations we offer.

3 - Geo-IP lookup. If no Accept-Language header is found we will use geo-location to attempt to identify where the client is in the world and assign their language based on that location.

4 - Fall back to en-US. If all else fails, we will default the interface to US English.