By default, CloudTables gives you three editing buttons on your table - New, Edit and Delete. You can add more, or customise the existing buttons, on the Table tab.

For example, on the top-left of the table you'll see five export buttons. Also there is a custom button, London, which when clicked selects all the records where the Office field is "London". This YouTube video demonstrates how to create a custom button.

On the top-right of the table, you'll also see a button collection, containing three more collections! The first, Edit, displays another dropdown menu with the table's editing buttons. The second, displays the export buttons in a modal. And finally, the London button is back in Custom.

These buttons and collections can be added anywhere around the table, so very customisable for your application.

This example was achievable by adding the following code into the document:

function selectLondon(e, dt, node, config) {
  dt.rows(function(idx) {
    var data = dt.cell(idx, 4).render('display');
    if (data === 'London') {

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