Getting started

To get started with CloudTables create an application by clicking on the "Get started" button at the top of this page. This will create your own CloudTables instance (what we call an application) which will contain your own private configuration and data.


Inside the application, you will notice that it has automatically been assigned a random unique name - such as This is the address that you can use to access your CloudTables application, but you can also set it to be something more memorable such as your company, organization or own personal name. This is done on the Settings > Application page where you can enter a custom sub-domain name. You and your colleagues will then be able to access CloudTables using that address in future.

Inviting others

Once you have created your application and started configuring and adding data, you may wish to invite colleagues to also use your CloudTables application. You can do so on the Team page and click the Invite team members button. Enter your colleague's e-mail addresses and CloudTables will send them an invitation.

Next steps

Now it is time to start using CloudTables to store some data!