CloudTables Enterprise SLA

Just like you, we rely on CloudTables to run our business. We know that any downtime can hurt productivity and profitability. That is why we guarantee 99.99% monthly uptime to teams on our Enterprise plan.

What is "uptime"?

"Uptime" refers to the period of time when CloudTables is up and running.

What happens if it's below 99.99%?

We work hard to ensure that we don't find ourselves in that situation. But errors can happen, so if our uptime drops below 99.99%, we will provide an automatic credit under our SLA to our Enterprise customers on their next billing cycle. For any given month where the total downtime exceeds 5 minutes, we'll credit your account using the calculation below:

Credit = (100 * Plan Price per month * Outage Minutes) / Minutes in the month

Invoice credits are capped at 100% of the plan price per month, for the month the outage occurred. Service degradation or suspension as a result of exceeding limits under your plan are not considered as an outage covered by this SLA.


In the rare event that we update this SLA, we will provide at least thirty days advance notice for the changes by either sending an email to the Subscriber's point of contact for notices, or by posting a notice in the CloudTables Dashboard.


If you have any questions regarding our Enterprise SLA please get in touch.