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configured in your browser, embedded into your app.

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Developing a data driven application, but want to focus on your solution, not the drudge work?

Save yourself time and money with our low-code platform, offering full customization, auditing, live updating and much more.

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Easily embed CloudTables in your web-site or app

Seamless integration with your pages is straightforward with CloudTables through its extensive support for the most popular styling frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI. It’s part of your page, not an embedded object, so style any way you choose.

CloudTables embedded
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Tools to create complex data tables in just a few clicks

CloudTables provides a comprehensive set of data types, with customization options and validation rules for each. Data formatters for input and output let your users enter and view data in a way that is quick and easy for them.

The features you need,

Live updating

CloudTables is a multi-user system, built for concurrency. As one user updates data, the change is reflected immediately for all other viewers.

Full auditing

You need to know who has made what changes to your organization's data, and CloudTables has full auditing built in for both the raw data and the structure of that data.


Securely embed CloudTables through the provided APIs and libraries, ensuring that your data remains yours alone! Users can be assigned access rights at a granular level.

Design frameworks

CloudTables will automatically detect the most popular styling frameworks if they are used on your page, and adjust its output to match. Or you design your own styling. It’s up to you!

Cloud or Self-hosting

Run CloudTables on your own server or let us do the hosting for you. Our Docker image of CloudTables will let you get up and running with just a single command.


We provide a full read-write API to access your CloudTables data. We provide libraries for Java, .NET, NodeJS, PHP and of course cURL can be used if you need.


Easy integration with WordPress through our CloudTables plug-in, letting tables be embedded using the editor built into WordPress.

Framework support

We provide client-side components for Angular, React, Svelte, Vue and good old plain HTML can be used.

Join 497 companies who are already saving time with CloudTables.


CloudTables hosted by us - zero hassle for you. We take care of scaling, upgrades and maintenance.

  • Get started immediately
  • Secure and privacy conscious
  • Easily embed tables into web-pages


For privacy-conscious and compliance-oriented companies you can run CloudTables on your own infrastructure.

  • Docker container for portability
  • Works on air-gapped networks
  • Get started with a single command

Linux, macOS, Windows (WSL2)

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"